Slime Grind Radio Episode 1!


So I (Ryan) am on a new podcast called Slime Grind Radio! Started by Bradly Hale of Nintendojo / Hardcore Gamer awesomeness, it’s a podcast all about Dragon Quest (specifically X).

The plan is to discuss/speculate about DQX up until its (hopefully) inevitable English launch, and then talk about it WAY MORE once we’re actually playing it! 🙂

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! We also plan on discussing EVERY NUMBERED DQ GAME as we each do a replay of the series as well. No promises, but I don’t think anyone on the show would be opposed to replaying and discussing the spinoffs either.

The first episode is up on iTunes (or here if you think iTunes is icky) and the second is coming in a couple weeks or so. Episode 2 will include a section on DQ I (which I recently finished again and am SO STOKED to talk about!!) and we would welcome your thoughts/impressions/memories regarding the game to read on the show, so email us at!

While we’re on the subject, how about following us on Twitter as well??


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