18 Must-Read Game Developer Magazine Articles for Nintendo Fans


Bad News: Game Developer magazine is done (R.I.P.)

Good News: They’ve made their archives available to read or download online for free!

While the magazine started with a heavy PC focus, it evolved to cover the medium as a whole, and was home to some fantastic articles about or related to Nintendo, including their legendary Postmortem features. After browsing through the archive, here are some of my favorite Nintendo-related articles (though I’d highly recommend at least skimming the entire archive; it’s an interesting trip through the modern history of the medium through a different lens than other magazines).

Note: page numbers are based on the .pdf, not the magazine pages.

January 1998 – Postmortem: Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (Page 42)

November 1999 – Nintendo 64 Programming (Page 18)

September 2000 – Full-Motion Video on the N64 (Page 20)

November 2001 – Postmortem: Rayman Advance (Page 26)

March 2002 – Postmortem: Star Wars Rouge Squadron II: Rogue Leader (Page 34)

October 2002 – Profiles: Hip Tanaka (Page 7)

June-July 2004 – The Zen of Shigeru Miyamoto (Page 26)

October 2005 – The Graphical Styling of Resident Evil 4 (Page 28)

October 2006 – Interview: Michiru Yamane (Page 45)

January 2007 – Postmortem: Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam (Page 32)

May 2007 – Postmortem: Elebits (Page 30)

November 2007 – Scaling Small: Porting PC Technology to Nintendo DS (Page 9)

December 2007 – Postmortem: Drawn to Life (Page 34)

June-July 2008 – Postmortem: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King (Page 36)

October 2008 – Postmortem: The World Ends With You (Page 36)

December 2008 – Interview: Yuji Naka (Page 16)

April 2009 – Postmortem: The Conduit (Page 32)

November 2009 – Postmortem: Scribblenauts (Page 24)

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