Our Favorite Gaming Podcasts of 2013

We love podcasts. Like, a ton. It’s why we started The Nintendo Fun Club Podcast in the first place. We thought we’d take a moment here to celebrate the shows that kept us smiling during our commutes / housework / lunch breaks in 2013. These are the shows that cover the games we care about, with little or none of the hyperbole, gleeful cynicism, armchair analyzing, posturing, or “AAA game” focus present in other gaming podcasts (I mean, it’s OK if podcasts want to do that stuff, it’s just not what we’re into these days). Anyway, the shows here are not in any particular order, but everything here comes with the Official Nintendo Fun Club Podcast Seal of Quality. Basically, if you like our podcast, you’ll love these, because they’re way better 🙂

John’s Picks:


Qoopa Klub: This might be my favorite podcast right now. I think it’s really difficult to find the right balance of on-topic discussion and humor to make a show both entertaining and informative, but these guys usually hit the mark every episode. Even better, they’re super-positive and seem to genuinely enjoy video games! Website / iTunes link

Nintendo Voice Chat: I’ve been listening to this show for a long time, though there have been times when I haven’t loved the hosts/cast. That being said, now that Jose Otero is at the helm, the show is again one of my absolute favorites. Jose is organized and focused and Peer provides a great deal of experience covering Nintendo. Website / iTunes link

TinyCast: A great podcast focused solely on handheld games. These guys have a wealth of experience and cover niche games that I may not otherwise hear about at all. Plus this podcast totally increased by enjoyment of The Year of Luigi because they actually know how to enjoy things (a quality I like in video games podcasts). Website / iTunes link
GoNintendo Podcast: This show is totally different from every other show about Nintendo games that I know. Raw Meat Cowboy is one of the most likable dudes alive and he hosts this podcast every week, come hell or high water. The show features a revolving cast of his friends, not games writers or other serious industry types, so while they often end up off topic, there is a sense of fun and joy present in this show that is tough to match. I don’t go to it first when primarily looking for information, but if you’re in need of some earnest excitement and enthusiasm about games to combat the cynicism and jaded attitudes present in a lot of other games coverage, this is a great place to start. Website / iTunes link
Connectivity: Connectivity’s unique segment structure means the show is different each week; that freedom allows them to produce some super interesting content. Scott and Daan are absolutely some of my favorite voices in the Nintendo fan community (mine too! -Ryan). Website / iTunes link
                                                                                                                              8-4 Play / Retronauts: Anyone who is reading this blog surely listens to both of these podcasts, but if I’m discussing my favorite shows, I can’t leave these off of the list. Both of these podcasts feature games-coverage with professionalism and experience I appreciate. Again, you doubtlessly know these shows, but if for some reason you’ve never checked them out, make it happen.
                                                                                                                                Ryan’s Picks:


Back in my Play: I just recently started listening to this show with the Castlevania: Dracula X: Rondo of Blood episode and was so into it that I downloaded all the previous episodes to dig into. Each episode is laser-focused on one particular game- not just the technical and historical aspects, but everyone’s personal history with it as well. Website / iTunes link


Pocketoid: The “Unofficial Destructoid Community Podcast” devoted to handheld games (primarily 3DS and Vita) that covers lots of Japanese and indie stuff. It’s all done in a very enthusiastic and conversational style, which I definitely enjoy. Website / iTunes link


Retronauts: This legendary retro gaming podcast remains the only video game-related Kickstarter I’ve ever donated to. Halfway into their Kickstarted-run, I wish I could have donated more- every episode has been fantastic; with multiple knowledge bombs dropped each show. Essential listening. Website / iTunes link


8-4 Play: While I don’t agree with every opinion voiced on this show, I’ve been a fan of their work in localization and game journalism for years. 8-4 Play is at its absolute best when they are dropping insider industry insight (like the amazing recent episode with Alexander O. Smith) and random bits about living and working in Japan. Website / iTunes link

Qoopa Klub: Basically what John said. Come for the enthusiastic game talk, stay for the gay innuendo. Website / iTunes link


Official Nintendo Magazine Podcast: A podcast from an official magazine should not be this uninhibited and hilarious, but it is. Bloody brilliant Nintendo talk from across the pond. Website / iTunes link

TinyCast: Quite possibly the greatest gift to come from the Year of Luigi, Tiny Cartridge’s TinyCast is non-stop portable positivity focused on the nichier end of the spectrum. A portable gaming podcast for the tumblr generation (I don’t know what that means, but I believe it). Website / iTunes link

Kevin’s Picks:

Pretty much what John and Ryan said and


The Nintendo Okie Podcast: This crew of mostly Oklahomans rarely miss a week discussing not just Nintendo but also PlayStation, anime, junk food, retro games, Japanese games, and collector’s  remorse. These guys remain entertaining whether on or off topic by having a loose format, running gags (the use of  merchant soundbites from Resident Evil 4 never gets old), and informed discussions. Website / iTunes link

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