Nintendo Stuff at Aeon in Chatan (Okinawa, Japan)

Continuing our hard-hitting coverage of Nintendo at malls, I’m bringing you a *world exclusive* report on the Nintendo situation at the Chatan Aeon, in beautiful Okinawa, Japan.

Walking through the bookstore and toy section, one thing is immediately apparent- Youkai Watch is everywhere, and it’s HUGE.


From magazine covers to manga to figures, everywhere you look is Youkai Watch something. Level 5 continues to be an absolute hit-maker!

Elsewhere in the 3DS section, there were some pretty cool advertisements for Pokemon Art Academy and Smash Bros.

photo (1)

The Wii U area was pretty great as well, with the system occupying the same amount of shelf space as the PS3.

photo (2)

Great to see Bayonetta 2 getting heavy promotion! 😀

Nintendo even had a big presence in the mall arcade!

From Mario Kart…

photo 1 photo 3

To Pokemon!

photo 4 photo 2The last time I was in Japan was during the DS/Wii boom. Although sales certainly aren’t where they were during that time, judging by what I saw at Aeon, Nintendo still has just as much of a mainstream retail presence as they did then.

But most importantly, how cool is it to see Bayonetta 2 heavily advertised in a mainstream retailer, months before its release?

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