A new Pokemon movie just released in Japan, and the hype surrounding it is as huge as you may expect.

At 7 Eleven stores here, there are a few cool promotions going on. One is this flyer you can pick up:

photo 3 (4)Next to the pamphlets is a stamp, which you use inside the flyer:

photo 4 (2)

It seems that the stamps available change over time:

photo 3 (5)Another fun thing happening at 7 Eleven is the pokeball raffle. Here, you buy a ticket for 500 yen and are given a paper pokeball:

photo 2 (5)

You peel off a tab on the back and are given a code. Show the code to the clerk and you’ll be given the choice of a prize. My wife did this, and chose this pikachu:

photo 1 (5)It’s a cute thing that plugs into the headphone jack on your phone and just sort of hangs out. Probably not the best prize you can get?

Another promotion for the movie is The Band of Thieves and 1000 Pokemon, a digital 3DS title. The download is free, and a link to it showed up via SpotPass on my Japanese 3DS. You begin by choosing one of the three starter Pokemon from X & Y:


…and then do battle with other Pokemon!


This simple game relies heavily on StreetPass for acquiring Pokemon into your Poke-army, so I need to go out and get some ‘Passes before I can really see what the game has to offer.

Probably the biggest Pokemon-related highlight of our trip so far is the Pokemon Store in Kansai Airport.

IMG_1208This little store was packed full of exclusive Pokemon goods. If you buy three items you get a free Pokemon store sticker, so naturally Lindsey and I each made a trip in to purchase a trifecta of Poke-stuffs. Our collective haul:

pokehaulThe Pikachu in captain gear plush is an exclusive to that store (his shirt actually has a KIX logo). Cool!

Our Japan Pokemon adventure is just getting started though- later this week, we’re going to be going to Tokyo, so we’ll be hitting the Pokemon Store there, and hopefully the Pikachu Cafe!

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