Pokemon Movie Exhibit and Pikachu Cafe in Roppongi Hills

The new Pokemon movie released this week in Japan, and it’s getting quite a bit of promotion. Maybe the best way it’s being celebrated is the Pokemon movie exhibit on the Tokyo City View floor of the Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills (52F). We went to the exhibit on Thursday, in the middle of a thunderstorm, and it was pretty surreal.

photo 4 (4)After taking the (surprisingly fast) elevator up to the 52nd floor, the celebration of Pokemon films began.


There were theatrical posters for each of the Pokemon films in chronological order as you entered the exhibit…

photo 2 (9)…and a wall of TVs showing scenes from the films:

photo 2 (10)Along the exhibit path, there was a dark room with four or five glowing pokeballs on pedestals.

photo 1 (9)If you grabbed the pokeball, a projected image of a random pokemon would appear in front of you. It was really cool!

The next section of the exhibit was even cooler, but unfortunately I don’t have pictures to prove it, because photography was prohibited. It was a behind-the-scenes of the Pokemon films hallway and holy crap was it awesome. There were tons of photos and quotes from the voice actors, including Shoko Nakagawa and Rika Matsumoto, in both Japanese and English, which were fun. However, the real highlight was original Ken Sugimori sketches of characters from the films, which were absolutely amazing to see in person.

From here, we walked under the (kinda scary) giant glowing Pikachu, towards the Pikachu Cafe.

IMG_1271Ordering at the cafe was done via a ticket machine. After getting your ticket, you were seated and then you had to bring it up to the Pikachu counter:

photo (7)I got Pikachu Pancakes (and a beer):

pikaMy friend Kevin got Pikachu Curry:


…and a Pikachu Parfait:

IMG_1289Lindsey got a Pikachu Burger:

IMG_1286…which included a Pikachu Pudding!

IMG_1287After eating, we stopped by the Pokemon photo/sticker booth and then exited through the gift shop.

photo 3 (9)All in all, it was an amazing exhibit and experience. It truly did feel like a celebration of the Pokemon films and the franchise itself; I’m extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to experience it!

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