Jungle Points in Yo-Kai Watch 2

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Apologies in advance for the obvious photographing-the-3DS screenshots. It’s just so much faster than posting to Miiverse and pulling them from there!

Tonight I decided to pick up Yo-Kai Watch 2 again, and while playing this evening, I got a better feel for one of the currencies in the game, Jungle Points.

Like many Japanese children, your character in Yo-Kai Watch 2 is WAY INTO catching bugs. To do this, walk up to a tree (among other places) and if the magnifying glass appears over your character’s head, hit the action button!photo 1 (12)From here, you’re taken to a close-up of the area:

photo 2 (13)When you find a bug and select it, a simple minigame starts:

photo 3 (12)Basically, an arrow just spins around a gauge and if it lands on the light blue segment, you get a normal version of the bug. If it lands on red, you get a special version (which is more valuable)! You can use an item (which looks like a small tub of coffee creamer) to increase the gauge by one segment per tub.

After catching some bugs, take them to the shop “Jungle Hunter” to sell them!

photo 4 (7)When you sell to Jungle Hunter, you get “Jungle Points.”

photo 1 (13)

You can purchase many helpful items at Jungle Hunter with Jungle Points:

photo (11)Unfortunately, you cannot buy a loaf of French Bread with them. The bakery only accepts yen 😦

photo (9)

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