Bayonetta 2: Prima Official Game Guide


Like (hopefully) many of you, I finished Bayonetta 2 over the weekend. It’s easily my GOTY, but I’ll save that talk for the next podcast 🙂

What this post is all about is the official strategy guide, which arrived today.

It’s been quite some time since I purchased a strategy guide for a game, but I wanted to celebrate and support Bayonetta 2 in every way possible, so I dropped the $25 on Amazon.

As you can see from the picture at the top, the guide is an absolutely gorgeous hardcover. Inside, there are 287 pages of art, strategies, charts, and interviews, making this a pretty much essential purchase for Bayo fans.

Some sample photos to give you an idea:






IMG_3060[1]So yeah, the guide has pretty much every bit of info you could possibly need to complete the game 100%. Beyond that, there are some cool interviews (which some seem to be exclusive to the guide and others taken from the Platinum blog).

IMG_3061[1]My favorite part from the Hashimoto interview?

bayoThe book also comes with a code for an “e-guide,” which I’ll probably check out on my Kindle at some point. I’m definitely happy with my purchase- it’s a cool collector’s item and a way to support Sega / Nintendo / Platinum. If you’re interested in the guide, you *may* want to get on it quick, because if past Bayonetta guides are anything to go by, this book could end up being quite rare…

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