Rad Sega themes on the Japanese 3DS eshop!


Outside of amiibo, themes are my biggest Nintendo vice these days. Between my North American and Japanese 3DSs, I have about a dozen of ’em. I swore I was out of the theme game, but then Nintendo and Sega had to pull their greatest collaboration since Bayonetta 2: retro Sega themes. There are two on the eshop, for 200 yen each. Needless to say, I purchased both (and took some pictures to share)!

Theme 1: Hi-Tech Sega

This theme is based on Sega’s legendary Astro City arcade cabinet design. The music is awesome arcade ambiance!

HNI_0017 HNI_0023

Theme 2: Mega Drive

This theme starts focused on the Mega Drive, but if you scroll over, it changes to the Mega CD!

HNI_0020 HNI_0021HNI_0025

Oh and the best part of the Mega Drive theme? Anytime you select an icon, the classic Mega Drive “Seeeeegaaaaa” voice clip plays!

Awesome stuff. Fingers crossed for a Sega Genesis theme here in the west!

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