What $40 can get you in the DS section of GameStop these days (part two)

If you haven’t read part one, check it out here!


Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure: Hatsworth combines a solid action platformer and match-3 game into a really polished package. It’s extremely well-designed and legitimately funny (omg TEA TIME); turns out the hype was justified! Continue reading

Thoughts – Joy Mech Fight (Famicom, 3DS Virtual Console)


Ever since Splatoon was revealed, something felt familiar about it. Not about the game itself, which looks incredibly unique, but the feel of the game in Nintendo’s lineup. Then, while playing Collectible Badge Center on my Japanese 3DS I spotted a familiar cartridge in the crane game: Joy Mech Fight.

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What $40 can get you in the DS section of GameStop these days (part one)


If you go into a GameStop right now, there is a good chance you’ll find a bin filled with DS carts in CD sleeves. While (at most stores) the more expensive DS titles can be found in the glass cases (with the 3DS titles), the games in the sleeves are generally $5 or less. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been hitting my local stores and grabbing pretty much anything that looks interesting or I’ve heard good things about, but never owned. All of the games in the picture about I purchased for between $.99 and $4.99 each. I haven’t played all of them yet, but here are some quick thoughts on the ones I have:

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Episode 80 – I don’t know Endless Ocean, I don’t know the ocean floor


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Nintendo Fun Club Podcast’s 2014 Games of the Year!

Bayonetta 2 wins AbleGamers’ Accessible Mainstream Game of the Year award


Phantasy Star piece

Games: 3D After Burner II, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, Endless Ocean: Blue World


Rancid – Back Where I Belong

Masato Kouda – Start Demo / BGM1 from Commando (piano)

S.S.T. Band – After Burner Medley (Live)

The Promise Ring – Nothing Feels Good

Thoughts – Sega 3D Fukkoku Archives


While I’ve written about many Sega 3D Classics individually, here I’m just looking at the first retail collection of the series. Sega 3D Classics are simply the best versions of classic Sega titles, with stunning 3D effects and a plethora of options for both hardcore retro enthusiasts and those playing the games for the first time.

This collection includes Space Harrier, Fantasy Zone Opa-Opa Bros. (the first game in the series), OutRun, Bare Knuckle (Streets of Rage), The Super Shinobi II (Shinobi III), Ecco the Dolphin, and two more games I’ll get to in a moment. Since these 3D classics have been out for a while (in Japan at least- we’re still waiting on OutRun and Fantasy Zone here), and I’ve talked them to death on this podcast, I’m just going to focus on the package itself. Starting with the actual package. Continue reading

Nintendo Fun Club Podcast’s 2014 Games of the Year!


2014 was a pretty rad year for Nintendo. We saw some great looking games during a fantastic E3 showing and Treehouse Live. The Wii U really came into its own this year with amazing exclusives in many different genres. Over in Japan, Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Smash Bros., and most notably, Yo-kai Watch, secured the 3DS as THE dedicated gaming device there. As the year came to a close, many Nintendo fans were scrambling all over town and refreshing retailer websites hunting for rare amiibo…

With all of the awesome stuff happening in the world of Nintendo, it wasn’t easy to narrow down all of the radness into “best of” lists. Yet the courageous souls here at the Nintendo Fun Club Podcast attempted to do just that, and here are the results. Continue reading

Phantasy Life: a guide to the Phantasy Star games on Nintendo systems


With its inspired space setting, rich history, and distinctive aesthetic, Phantasy Star may be my favorite RPG series of all time. One may not associate Sega’s flagship RPG with Nintendo hardware, but the Wii, DS, Game Boy Advance, and GameCube are actually home to some of the best games in the franchise- many of which still hold up today! Let’s have a look. Continue reading