The weird world of DS Lite music skins

Most North American Nintendo fans have come to terms with the reality that we’re not getting the regular New 3DS this week, and thus no super kawaii Kyary Pamyu Pamyu faceplates. But Kyary is far from the first musician to feature on the exterior of a Nintendo handheld. At some point, probably around 2008, a company called MusicSkins LLC (maybe aka Zing Revolution) created A TON of DS Lite skins that may or may not have been licensed.

They start with the sort of bands you’d expect, the “Target Men’s T-Shirt Rack”-core

51nhr6Ko7VL 51uAbsA3MpL._SX385_ 510isTS40UL

then things get a bit Hot Topic…


41G89m9OHgL418KC-C-U4L…we have some 90s flashbacks

518CleF4PML …then start feeling a bit goth


when suddenly, there are like a ton of Alkaline Trio skins!

41Wrg01F6PL 410nox58VNL 41686Q6eXkL._SX385_SO WEIRD.

If you only have an original DS, however, you’re stuck with Bieber. Sorry.


As far as what this company is up to now, I’m not sure, as their website appears to be “temporarily down for maintenance and redesign.” Also, not a single skin seems to be in stock on Amazon. But still, it’s fun to browse and ponder who exactly is the audience for this:


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