Episode 85 – Delight and impact the world?


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Nintendo partnering with DeNA; will release games on mobile platforms

Nintendo NX

Zelda Wii U not coming in 2015, not going to be at E3


The Bouncing Souls – We Love Fun (unofficial Nintendo Fun Club theme song)

Bad Religion – True North

A Closer Look at Nintendo’s Recent Announcements Regarding Smart Devices, New Hardware, and Membership Programs

Nintendo’s announcement today that it would start developing software for mobile platforms came as a major shock to say the least. The company has been actively denying that it planned to develop games for mobile platforms for years and has consistently argued that controlling both hardware and software is key to it’s success.

Yet, here we are.

Unsurprisingly, reactions have been all over the place, and my personal feelings toward the news have mirrored that chaos for most of the day. However, when I took the time to look closely at Nintendo’s official presentation notes, my nerves steadied and I started to feel more comfortable with the company’s plans. I originally outlined my reaction to some of the most interesting excerpts for an upcoming episode of Nintendo Fun Club, but I don’t want to wait until we record to weigh in on the subject. So here are my thoughts, point by point:

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Episode 84 – 50 inch bottoms


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Chrono Trigger turns 20!

Xenoblade Chronicles X’s battle theme turns 16!

Games: OlliOlli, 3D Out Run, Theatrhythm Dragon Quest


FOB – Thriller

Xenoblade Chronicles X – Battle Theme

Chumped – Name That Thing

My 3D Out Run review

My Theatrhythm Dragon Quest demo impressions

Episode 83.5 – Revenge of the Sith Lords Are Our Specialty


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New .5 Episode Series Announcement:

Episode 83.5 kicks off our monthly series of Star Wars-focused bonus episodes. Each month for the remainder of 2015 we’ll release an episode of Nintendo Fun Club focused on a different Star Wars game released for Nintendo platforms, as well as some additional discussion of Star Wars related topics. This month we talk the GBA and DS Revenge of the Sith games and the recently rebooted Star Wars comics series from Marvel!


Ash – Lose Control

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (GBA) – March to the Temple

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (GBA) – Title Screen

Blink-182 – A New Hope