Opening a Pack of Nintendo Trading Cards from 1989


On a whim last week I began searching online for some puffy stickers of NES characters I loved as a kid. I couldn’t find the stickers, but I did find an Amazon seller who was selling these Nintendo “GamePacks,” so I decided to order one. Well, the pack arrived yesterday, and after a (brief) moment of hesitation, I opened it up.










First thing I noticed was the smell. Turns out 27 year-old trading cards don’t offer the most fragrant aroma when unsealed.

I kept them away from my nose and moved on.

The first three cards were “Game Cards,” which are a fairly novel idea (even though they are essential prizeless scratch-off lottery tickets for children).

IMG_5801[1] IMG_5812[1]


IMG_5803[1] IMG_5811[1]

IMG_5804[1] IMG_5810[1]

Next came the two sticker cards, with TOP SECRET TIPS on the back!



I need to find someplace special to put these Punch-Out stickers!

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