10 Reasons why you need to check out Gotta Protectors on the 3DS eShop


Gotta Protectors is the new game from legendary composer Yuzo Koshiro’s studio, Ancient. It’s an action-RPG-tower-defense hybrid available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop right now! Here are ten reasons why Gotta Protectors totally rocks:

 1) Incredible style!


Unsurprisingly from a game by Yuzo Koshiro, the music in Gotta Protectors is AWESOME. Not only that, but the art design (especially the between-battle character portraits) are fantastic as well!


2) Frantic combat!

WVW69jdA_PE3PmEvuyFighting off swarms of enemies Diablo/Gauntlet/Secret of Mana/Musou style is fun and intense!

3) Great humor and localization!


The script is full of legitimately funny self-referential and goofy moments, brilliantly localized by 8-4 Play and Brian Gray. On the subject of humor…

4) Ninja!


One of the character classes you can choose. His armor… is air!

5) Character customization!


Upgrade skills, weapons, and more with the spoils you retrieve from the battlefield!

6) Town customization!


Use gold to upgrade your town for ~cool benefits~.

7) Stage creation tools!


I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m looking forward to playing the stages some of you Mario Maker types cook up!

8) Up to 4-player (local) co-op play!


There’s download play, so you only need one copy of the game! I’m gonna see if I can convince my wife to try it with me! (…maybe if I show her Ninja??)

P.S. I love the Space Harrier / 3D WorldRunner vibe of the select screen here.

9) A ring-creating magic pot!


If you like throwing a bunch of random crap into the Alchemy Pot in Dragon Quest games in hopes of getting a cool accessory (I sure do!), you’ll love this!

10) The manual



On the bottom screen you can flip through a digital manual, complete with screenshots (taken with a camera off the screen, of course) and anime-removing western-style fantasy art for the cover. I love it!

Hopefully you stopped reading this list at number four and downloaded the game on your 3DS. If not, c’mon! Get on it! The link to purchase the game is right here! Sheesh!

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