Wonderful late-90s Pokemon sites that are still up


You are the 00000014 person to view this page! Please check out the rest of the still functioning late-90s Pokemon sites webring:

The Pokemon Gym – This Tripod-hosted site contains summaries of the first 50 episodes of the anime

Team Rocket – Another Poke-gym site, this page is ~all about~ Team Rocket

1997 CNN report on Pokemon – Yup, it’s about “the incident”

Pikachu of Pokemon ATE MY BALLS! – If you were an immature dork on the internet in 1999 (like me), you know about the “Ate My Balls” webring. Maybe this is what the kids call “dank memes” these days.

Mike’s “The Ultimate Pokemon Page” – Hints, tips, and lists!

OK, I really wanted to keep clicking down this rabbit hole, but there was a whole lot of this message popping up:


I wish I could see what sites are still alive in the Pokemon Addicts Webring, but alas,


Well said.

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