Famitsu Issue #1 (reprint)


While it seems like every year for the past 15 years has been touted as “peak Famicom nostalgia” in Japan, the launch of the Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer could make this fall the true nostalgia boom. To accompany the release of the (preorder-sold-out) mini console, publications have begun releasing some cool magazines and guides. While I have a handful of these preordered (LOVE that Amazon.jp now ships to the United States), the one I was most excited about arrived today. Pictured above, this is a reprint of Issue #1 of Famitsu (originally released in June, 1986), the iconic publication that led the way for gaming magazines in both the East and West. Let’s take a peak inside, yeah?

For being such an influential publication, the first issue of Famitsu has a surprisingly fun and DIY-feel to it. As was basically the only option in 1986, the screenshots are literally shots of the TV screen. Like, with a 1986 film camera.

The handmade layouts still impress though, especially the multi-page maps:


The first Dragon Quest hit about a month before Famitsu #1:


The Legend of Zelda dropped earlier in the year, and is technically the first Famitsu review ever I guess??


In addition to the proper game coverage, the magazine has comics, something that should be familiar to fans who grew up with Nintendo Power:


Also familiar to NP readers is the “Top 30,” which Nintendo Power seemed to lift wholesale:


For comparison: Top 30 in Nintendo Power (May/June 1989 issue):


There’s tons more cool stuff in this issue, so you should grab a copy on Amazon Japan while you can! It only cost me about 18 bucks total after shipping- a small price to pay for such a cool piece of gaming history!

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