Famitsu Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer Special


Released alongside the Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer, this issue of Famitsu focuses on the 30 games included with the system. The copy I ordered from Amazon Japan arrived with my Famicom Mini, and it is a pretty wonderful magazine.

I wasn’t totally sure what to expect from the issue, outside of maybe game synopsis and some interviews, but I certainly wasn’t expecting craft projects.


The magazine includes scaled replicas of the 30 cartridges that you can cut out, glue to cardboard, and stick on your Mini console. There’s even a mock Disc System you can construct!


After this, the issue goes a bit traditional, with reviews spread throughout, in the classic 4-person Famitsu style (no numeric scores though).


Beyond the reviews, each game has a synopsis page devoted to it.


Atlantis no Nazo

Now we’ve got a few pages of Japanese developers discussing Famicom games (pictured below: some familiar Sega faces).


Of course Kamiya makes an appearance.


Stickers! Where will I put these??


Towards the end of the magazine there are pages devoted to reprinting original Famitsu coverage of the games. Here’s the Gradius coverage in the Famitsu Special (top), compared to how it appeared in the first issue of Famitsu (bottom, reprint).


The issue closes out with some lovely Zelda 1 art on the back cover, with a bit of Breath of the Wild tie-in (first time I’ve seen a Nintendo Switch logo in print)!


This issue can be shipped to the United States via Amazon Japan for less than twenty bucks and is totally worth it if you’re into this stuff!

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