Introducing “Try, Try My Darling”

Ryan here. I guess I’m into making “Let’s Plays” now??

Face it: if you’re making “LPs” (as the kids call ’em), you gotta have a cool name for them. Something catchy that represents your bran… I mean, personality. When we started all of this almost 5 years ago, we wanted to make a “punk rock Nintendo podcast.” We’re still figuring out what that means, but I hope you see and hear it in not just the music we have on the shows, but also in the positive and unified scene we try to foster.

On a more surface level, you can see the punk rock inspiration in our logo:

This is based on the logo that The Misfits used for their fan club back in the day:

When coming up with a name for the LP series, I went back to the Misfits well again, basing it off of their 1984 single “Die, Die My Darling.”

So, what should you expect from these LPs? Not too much, I hope. I’m still learning video recording and editing, and I don’t exactly have a golden voice. Right now, recording these videos feels a bit like when I make awkward small talk with someone I don’t really know at a party, which usually consists of uncomfortable silences and oft-putting rambling.

That said, I’m legitimately enjoying learning and making these. Hopefully people find them entertaining, informative, or at the very least, not totally insufferable.

Regardless of the audience, I’m going to keep making them and putting them out there, because hey, this is punk rock.

Try, Try My Darling Videos

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