Announcing Our Partnership With TeePublic

So a bit of behind-the-scenes real talk: for the past 5 years we’ve been paying $10 a month to host the podcast. The site you’re reading this on costs around $30 a year. When you add it all up, it’s not a ton of money, but it is money out of our pockets, because we receive no ad revenue or anything. And we’ll happily keep paying it, because we love this stuff! It’s fun, and we’ve met so many rad people because of NFC.

That said, when someone reached out a couple of weeks ago with an opportunity to maybe lose less money, we were certainly open to the idea. In the initial email from TeePublic, I got a good vibe. They showed an understanding of who we were and what we do here- this was not one of the vague “increase profit by expanding your brand!” emails we get from time to time. After a few emails and a phone conversation, I was sold. I told Lindsey and John what the deal was, and we decided to go for it.

So here’s the deal: we now have a store on TeePublic. In this store, there are shirts we have chosen, relevant to NFC. If anyone buys one of these shirts through our store, we get a small commission. Eventually, we will be able to add our own NFC merch to the store, and get an even larger commission! The plan at the moment is to rotate what’s in the store roughly every month, based on what we’re talking about on the podcast and/or in our videos.

tl;dr: if you want to support what we do, buy a shirt from our TeePublic store!

(If you use any link on this page, we get a commission)

We’re being very intentional about the shirts we select; this is all stuff from cool artists that we totally want to wear ourselves! And yeah, *JT voice* it’s gonna be themed.

So without any further ado, please check out our first selection of shirts, based on the theme of “Nintendo E3 2017 Wishes.” It’s said that if you buy one of these shirts, your E3 wish will come true. Now, I’m not sure if I believe all that, but I’m certain it wouldn’t hurt to try…

Check out our TeePublic store here, or continue reading below to see why we chose the shirts that we did!

Nintendo Fun Club Podcast’s E3 Wishes Shirts:


Phantasy Star Online: FOREST

PSO is one of my favorite games of all time, and one I’d love to see in some form on the Switch. Whether a Virtual Console port of the GCN Episode I & II or a new game in the series, the co-op grind of a PSO-style game would be a perfect fit on the platform. I dig the portrayal of the hildebear and the PSO-style font on this shirt.

Metroid: Live From Zebes

This Motörhead-inspired design perfectly encapsulates how hard I’d rock out if a new Metroid game was announced at E3.

Skies of Arcadia: Vyse Hamachou

Skies of Arcadia rocked. If GameCube Virtual Console is real, Legends is one of my most-wished for games: it would be so awesome to play in portable mode on the Switch! I love every little detail in this super cute shirt.

Undertale: Earthbound font

I’ve been wanting to play the Mother-inspired Undertale forever, but reeeaaaally want to play it on Switch. I also wouldn’t hate the announcement of something Mother-related at E3…

Check out official Undertale merch over at Fangamer. We don’t get any commission for that, but those guys rock.

Final Fantasy VI: Minimalist Terra

I love the SNES Final Fantasy games, with VI being my favorite of the whole bunch. I’d be happy to revisit the game in any form on Switch, whether it be the SNES III, the GBA port, or a remake(!!!). I adore the classy design of this shirt; definitely going to order one for myself at some point.

Dragon Quest: Slime Party!

This super-cute shirt has all sorts of slimes, including a Ditto that snuck in! As far as DQ-related news I’d like to hear at E3, I’d love to get localization confirmations on DQ XI for 3DS and Switch, a release date for Switch DQ Heroes I & II for the West, and (probably unlikely) DQX finally getting an English version and the Switch port releasing here.


Castlevania II: Simon’s Vania Castle Quest

There’s no dormant, seemingly (un)dead series I’d love to see return at this year’s E3 more than Castlevania. With a Netflix show on the way and at least a glimmer of hope in the possibility of Konami making new games from some of our favorite series reflected in Bomberman on Switch, I’m hoping to see something Castlevania-related next month. Simon’s Quest *may* just be my favorite Castlevania (you can hear us discuss why here), so this shirt is a great representation of my Belmont-based E3 dreams!


Super Monkey Ball / Katamari Damacy: Monkey Rollin’

We’ve been talking about how much we love Super Monkey Ball on NFC since the show began (most recently on our 5 year anniversary episode), so I’d be thrilled to see Aiai and the crew return at this year’s E3. Whether it’s in the form of a new game, Virtual Console release, Monkey Target mini-game, or some other incarnation, here’s hoping we’ll see Super Monkey Ball back in some form, preferably on the Switch, and soon!


The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Charizard

While Skyrim has already been announced for Switch, there isn’t a release date yet. Anyone who has listened to this podcast or Enos Lives knows how much I play Skyrim and how much I’m looking forward to this game. My hope is that we get a release date and some information on content during E3. I just want to be able to play Skyrim in the mountains.

Also, a Pokemon Switch game wouldn’t be terrible.

Pikmin: Nintendo Kanji

The first time I played Pikmin was Pikmin 3 on the WiiU. This is a game that seems to be made for me. I like exploring, collecting, and completing. Games are especially good when I can also fill in a map. Pikmin 3 scratched all those itches for me, and I would like to see it move to the Switch.

Monster Hunter: Many Poogie Piggies!

How can you not love Monster Hunter Poogies? They’re rotund and they wear outfits! Finding new Poogie outfits was one of my favorite things in Monster Hunter 4U. The Monster Hunter Double Cross announcement dropped as I was picking out my shirts, but of course I want to know more about the game (you can hear my thoughts on the the announcement here). A translation would also be awesome news.

So yeah, that’s about it. Thanks everyone for your continued support and once again, use this ~super special~ link to access our store!

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