Style Savvy: NFC X TeePublic

TeePublic was cool enough to send us some shirts from our store!

So naturally…

~~fashion show!!~~

We’ve got John showing off the “Simon’s Vania Castle Quest” tee

Lindsey is rocking the Monster Hunter “Many Poogie Piggies”

With her Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 3DS…
And with a palico (Luna)!

And as for myself, I’m repping the Skies of Arcadia crew in my “Vyse Hamachou” shirt!

…and with a palico! (Yuna)

You can get these shirts (and more) in our TeePublic store! If you use that link and add a shirt to your cart, through Friday the 16th, you’ll get a discount! (if it doesn’t work for some reason, use the code “NFCforE3” at checkout).

Thanks for supporting us and cool artists!

If you do get a shirt, let us know here in the comments or on Twitter!

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