I am now in possession of a totally sweet Famicom collection

Thanks to my good friend (and former roommate in Japan) Kevin, I now have a totally rad collection of boxed Famicom games. I’m not super interested in just sticking ’em on a shelf and letting them sit though. I’ll definitely be unboxing all of them, taking pictures and maybe video. If you have any questions about any of these, feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer!

Thanks again, Kevin!

Our Favorite Blink-182 Songs, I Guess

UPDATE 2 (4-18-17)

Mark Hoppus thinks the Switch is “awesome.”


UPDATE: Mark Hoppus got a Switch

Less than 24 hours after we “reported” on one of our favorite musicians pining for a Nintendo Switch, another punk rock star is LFS (Looking For Switch).

We doubt Mr. Hoppus will have too much trouble finding a Switch, tbh. As we await his success story, here are our favorite Blink-182 songs. DeLong? Skiba? Barker? Raynor? Doesn’t matter, these songs rule!

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Our Favorite Against Me! Songs

UPDATE: Laura got a Switch!


It’s no secret that we here at NFC are huge fans of Laura Jane Grace and her band, Against Me! We even named their record Transgender Dysphoria Blues our album of the year when we did that end-of-year music episode that nobody liked.

So naturally, this tweet by Laura today piqued our interest: Continue reading

Happy Mario Day!

To celebrate, I recorded two spur-of-the-moment videos. In the first, I dig into the Mario Mania Nintendo Power guide from 1991. In the other video, I talk to Tyler Ohlew about his favorite Mario game! (warning: these are Google Hangouts videos, so they’re pretty low quality. sorry Mario!)

Something to Try if the Left Joy-Con on your Switch is Having Connection Issues


While I have been pretty fortunate with my Switch, Lindsey’s left Joy-Con suffered the dreaded “desync” issue today. After trying everything from pairing the controllers to putting the Switch into sleep mode and back in the dock to a hard reboot, the solution ended up being a mere button press away. Not a button press on the controller mind you, but the sync button on the actual Joy-Con. Taking the controller off, holding the button, then sliding the Con back on the tablet seemed to do the trick for us. Hopefully Nintendo provides a fix for the issue soon!