Ryan’s 30 Favorite Switch Games of 2017

So, I started writing my top ten Nintendo game picks for 2017. As I compiled my list, I decided to narrow it down to just Switch (Fire Emblem Echoes and Dragon Quest VIII were the only non-Switch games on the list). But I couldn’t narrow the list down to just ten games! So I thought about imposing a “NO PORTS” rule, but that seemed silly. A fun game is a fun game, regardless of whether or not it’s the new hotness debuting on a piece of hardware. As I let the ports creep in, I soon found myself with a list of about 35 games I’d enjoyed on the Switch this year. I narrowed that down to 30, so give me some credit. Anyway, here is a list of games I loved playing on my Switch this year (complete with arbitrary numeric ranking). Keep in mind, this is NOT a “Best Games On Switch!!” list. It’s my weird tastes, at this moment (December 28th at 7:30 AM Mountain Time).

So yeah, it’s pretty definitive.

Now, without any further ado…

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Nintendo Direct 4-12-17 reactions

Next month marks the 5-year anniversary of NFC (whoa). In those (almost) 5 years, we’ve covered quite a few Nintendo Directs. <cue dramatic music> but never <striking image> ~like this~.

Yeah so we did a video thing.

In lieu of a proper podcast episode, Lindsey and I instead hung out on a couch, watched and discussed the Direct, and then gave some final thoughts immediately after. All on video!

Then, I tried to put it all together.

As a video novice trying this for the first time, there was naturally some good and bad.

The good:

It exists. I mean, the goal was to record a video of us watching and discussing the Direct, and that’s what this is.

The bad:

The biggest, and most noticeable issue is the gradual audio delay. Around the halfway point, our audio begins desyncing (or something) and not aligned with our lip movement. It’s dreadful to look at, but even after some research I still have no idea how to fix it, so I didn’t want to just sit on this video until a solution came to me in a vision or something.

Most of the issues related to the content itself to me stemmed from our relative inexperience with this stuff and the one-take improvisational nature of the production.

Hope you can enjoy the video despite these issues! Check it out below: