Episode 162 – Skate or Sigh

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Code of Princess EX Coming to Switch This Summer!

Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary – 8th March

Bandai Namco’s Taiko no Tatsujin Is Coming To Switch In Japan

If You Like Switch Shmups, You’ll Want This Vertical Grip

Sonic Mania Plus, a retail version of Sonic Mania, announced for this Summer (+ Sonic Mania Adventures Animated Series Coming to YouTube)

Membrane Interview

Must-Play Neo Geo games on Switch

Games we’ve been playing:

Membrane, Splatoon 2, Neo Geo Arcade Archives, BotW


The Offspring – Smash

Ray Rocket – Do You Wanna Go To Tijuana?

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Must-play Neo Geo Games on the Nintendo Switch

About four years ago I made a list of must-play Neo Geo games on the Wii Virtual Console. Since then, it’s become the most consistently accessed post on the blog. With Wii VC shutting down and Hamster continuing to release a Neo Geo game every week on Switch, it seemed like a good time to revisit the concept with Nintendo’s hybrid console in mind.

A few things to know about this list:

  1. This list is a living document. I will continue to add cool Neo Geo games to the post as they release on the Switch eshop.
  2. The port quality in the series is consistently good. No game is being left off of the list because it’s glitchy or anything. The ACA Neo Geo series has a (pretty much) universal feature set including settings for audio, video (filters, screen size, etc.), difficulty (level, continues, etc.), and region (Japanese or English version). Every game also includes online leaderboards in the form of Hi Score and Caravan modes. The games can be played in handheld, docked, or tabletop mode with the Joy Con removed. They all support screenshots, and some like Metal Slug 3 have been patched to allow for 30 second video capture. None of the games in the series offer proper online play.
  3. I love SNK and Neo Geo games. A ton. However, many of these games demand quite a bit of skill for high-level play, and that’s not me. I can tell you why Last Blade gives me chills everytime I play it, but I can’t break down the fighting mechanics and systems at play. So in the interest of giving a more complete picture in addition to my thoughts, I included links for “further reading” about the games chosen in the list.
  4. I tried to limit the number of entries from a single series. For example, while I think there is an argument to be made for every Metal Slug game to be on this list, I only included one, because that’s my favorite one. This was especially challenging with the King of Fighters series, but such is life.
  5. Attn World Heroes and Art of Fighting mega-fans: don’t read this list, you’ll only be disappointed.
  6. Finally, and this probably doesn’t matter to anyone except me, but I took all the screenshots for this article myself. This ensures that the images you’re seeing from these games is authentic Switch quality. I use the A1 (light scanline) filter (found in the options of each game).

Cool. Let’s get started.

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