Ryan’s 30 Favorite Switch Games of 2017

So, I started writing my top ten Nintendo game picks for 2017. As I compiled my list, I decided to narrow it down to just Switch (Fire Emblem Echoes and Dragon Quest VIII were the only non-Switch games on the list). But I couldn’t narrow the list down to just ten games! So I thought about imposing a “NO PORTS” rule, but that seemed silly. A fun game is a fun game, regardless of whether or not it’s the new hotness debuting on a piece of hardware. As I let the ports creep in, I soon found myself with a list of about 35 games I’d enjoyed on the Switch this year. I narrowed that down to 30, so give me some credit. Anyway, here is a list of games I loved playing on my Switch this year (complete with arbitrary numeric ranking). Keep in mind, this is NOT a “Best Games On Switch!!” list. It’s my weird tastes, at this moment (December 28th at 7:30 AM Mountain Time).

So yeah, it’s pretty definitive.

Now, without any further ado…

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