Issue #2 of the Fun Factor! Zine is Now Available!

Fun Factor issue 2 cover

Issue 2 of our Nintendo zine is available to download, for free, right here!!

Fun Factor! Issue 2 (left-click link to view in your browser or right-click, then “save link as…” to download!)

This issue’s cover story features the past, present, and future of Dungeons & Dragons games on Nintendo systems. Also in the issue: a look at the best Neo Geo games on Virtual Console, a retrospective on Chibi-Robo!, a local video game art show John attended, and WAY MORE. It’s a .pdf, so you can read it on your Mac/PC, iPad, Kindle Fire, phone, or whatever other .pdf-reading gadget you have!

Get Issue #1 of the zine here (also free/fun!)