D & D & U

This content originally appeared in issue #2 of the Nintendo Fun Factor zine. The issue is available as a free download here; check it out!

Without Dungeons & Dragons, video RPGs today would be completely different, if they existed at all. Had Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson not published that three-volume set of manuals in 1974, there would be no Wizardry, no Ultima, no Dragon Quest, no Final Fantasy, and no Chrono Trigger. Can you imagine living in a world with no Chrono Trigger? I don’t even want to think about it.

Of course, there were, and continue to be, plenty of207 games based on the D&D source material, created for those who are too lame to even have friends who play tabletop D&D (such as myself). While the vast majority of D&D games were developed for PCs, some were ported to Nintendo consoles and handhelds, with even a few original games appearing along the way. So grab your homemade Legend of Zelda campaign setting handbook and venture forth into this look at the past (and potential future) of Dungeons & Dragons on Nintendo platforms! Continue reading

Episode 22 – Forget Me


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We start this episode by revealing two rad projects we’ve been working on in addition to the podcast!

News: Etrian Odyssey re-releases, Soul Hackers being announced for NA, NA release date for Unchained Blades, Sakurai on wanting to be forgotten during the development of the next Smash Bros., and more!

What U’ve Been Playing: Crimson Shroud, Zombi U, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge and more!

The Bouncing Souls – We Love Fun (unofficial Nintendo Fun Club theme song)
Etrian Odyssey IV – Windy Plains
The Promise Ring – Forget Me

News sources: Gonintendo, Nintendolife, Siliconera, Tiny Cartridge, BDash, Neogaf, Nintendo World Report

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