Episode 78 – The amiibro Spirit


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Theatrhythm Dragon Quest announced for 3DS!!

Bravely Default, Chrono Trigger, and Secret of Mana tracks hitting Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call on Christmas Eve!

Duck Hunt coming to Wii U VC on Dec. 25th


Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, Fire Emblem, Donkey Konga 2, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Pikmin 3, Whoa Dave! (interview with the game’s creator, Jason Cirillo over at Stick it in Your Pocket)

great piece by Christian Nutt dissecting the design philosophy of Captain Toad (and Nintendo in general)

Yeah, Taiko Drum Master totally came out way before Donkey Konga


Bad Religion – What Child is This

Yuzo Koshiro – Rydia (X’Mas Edit)

Bad Religion – O Come All Ye Faithful

Some Dragon Quest 3DS Stuff I Bought

My big shopping goal for this trip to Japan was to acquire a Japanese 3DS system. From Sega 3D Classics to Gaist Crusher to the Virtual Console, I had dozens of reasons for wanting one. I went to a couple of game shops and saw everything from plain systems to special editions featuring Luigi, Monster Hunter, Animal Crossing, One Piece, and more. But one system caught my eye above all others- The Dragon Quest Monsters 2 special edition console. I’m a huge Dragon Quest fan (I even do a Dragon Quest podcast that will have a third episode, I promise!) and I just knew this was the Japanese 3DS for me. It was used, but as you’ll see in the pictures below, in perfect condition. And at 17,800 Yen, it was a damn good deal. Let’s take a look at it!

P.S. Please enjoy the lovely floral background provided by the comforter on my hotel room bed 🙂


Front of the box

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Slime Grind Radio Episode 2


The Dragon Quest podcast I do with Bradly Hale has reached level 2! This episode we talk DQ on mobile platforms, the upcoming DQX expansion, and have an in-depth talk about the original Dragon Quest (/Warrior, and specifically the Game Boy Color version)!

The episode is up on iTunes (or here if you don’t use iTunes).

Questions? Comments? Email us at slimegrindradio@gmail.com and check us out on Twitter as well!

Slime Grind Radio Episode 1!


So I (Ryan) am on a new podcast called Slime Grind Radio! Started by Bradly Hale of Nintendojo / Hardcore Gamer awesomeness, it’s a podcast all about Dragon Quest (specifically X).

The plan is to discuss/speculate about DQX up until its (hopefully) inevitable English launch, and then talk about it WAY MORE once we’re actually playing it! 🙂

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! We also plan on discussing EVERY NUMBERED DQ GAME as we each do a replay of the series as well. No promises, but I don’t think anyone on the show would be opposed to replaying and discussing the spinoffs either.

The first episode is up on iTunes (or here if you think iTunes is icky) and the second is coming in a couple weeks or so. Episode 2 will include a section on DQ I (which I recently finished again and am SO STOKED to talk about!!) and we would welcome your thoughts/impressions/memories regarding the game to read on the show, so email us at slimegrindradio@gmail.com!

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