How “200101” Became My Least Favorite Number This Holiday Season

FINAL EDIT: It’s been resolved

EDIT: 1/4/13 and 1/8/13 updates at the bottom

This is (hopefully) the least fun thing I will ever write on this blog; I just wanted to get my trials and tribulations with this process out there in order to 1) maybe help anyone else who is experiencing a similar issue and 2) relieve some of my own frustrations. – Ryan

I began the Wii to Wii U transfer process on December 27th. It’s now December 31st and I still don’t have my Wii saves and Virtual Console games on my Wii U system.

This is my story.

(Cue dramatic flashback music)

Last Thursday, I had a bit of free time so I began the transfer process, knowing that it would take roughly an hour or so. I formatted an SD card, downloaded the Transfer Tool onto the Wii and began. Everything went smoothly until I arrived at the step where I put the SD card with the Wii U data into the Wii. The system connected to the internet, read the data, began to connect to the internet again, and then bam:


Error Code: 200101, which would soon become my eternal nemesis. First thing I did, was naturally, “Try Again.” No luck, so I waited a few minutes and tried again. Same error. I power cycled my Wii, modem, router, and tried again. Same error. It was time for a Google search.

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