I am now in possession of a totally sweet Famicom collection

Thanks to my good friend (and former roommate in Japan) Kevin, I now have a totally rad collection of boxed Famicom games. I’m not super interested in just sticking ’em on a shelf and letting them sit though. I’ll definitely be unboxing all of them, taking pictures and maybe video. If you have any questions about any of these, feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer!

Thanks again, Kevin!

Episode 119 – These Vampires


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NES Classic, Famicom Mini, Castlevania


Playing with Power Nintendo NES Classics


Masked Intruder – Stars

The Mountain Goats – Damn These Vampires

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Famitsu Issue #1 (reprint)


While it seems like every year for the past 15 years has been touted as “peak Famicom nostalgia” in Japan, the launch of the Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer could make this fall the true nostalgia boom. To accompany the release of the (preorder-sold-out) mini console, publications have begun releasing some cool magazines and guides. While I have a handful of these preordered (LOVE that Amazon.jp now ships to the United States), the one I was most excited about arrived today. Pictured above, this is a reprint of Issue #1 of Famitsu (originally released in June, 1986), the iconic publication that led the way for gaming magazines in both the East and West. Let’s take a peak inside, yeah?

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Thoughts – Joy Mech Fight (Famicom, 3DS Virtual Console)


Ever since Splatoon was revealed, something felt familiar about it. Not about the game itself, which looks incredibly unique, but the feel of the game in Nintendo’s lineup. Then, while playing Collectible Badge Center on my Japanese 3DS I spotted a familiar cartridge in the crane game: Joy Mech Fight.

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