Episode 71.5 – Final Fantasy Music Spectacular!


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Welcome to our Final Fantasy music spectacular! In honor of the upcoming release of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call, we’re celebrating the legendary compositions from this long-running series.


Opening Theme (FF XIV)

Matoya’s Cave (FF I)

Eternal Wind (FF III)

Crystal Room (FF III)

Balamb Garden (FF VIII)

Bland Logo (FF Tactics)

Main Theme (FF V – Remastered Version)

Melodies of Life (FF IX – Piano Collection Version)

Rem Tokimiya (FF Type-0)

Fisherman’s Horizon (FF VIII – Distant Worlds Version) (I know, I said Dear Friends Version on the podcast oops)

Epitaph (FF VI – OST Remaster Version)

The Sunleth Waterscape (FF XIII Instrumental Version)

The Skies Above (FF X – Black Mages Version)

Qoopa Klub Episode 50: Fabulous Nova Crystallis (Final Fantasy XIII Special)

Special thanks to Tyler, Ian, Michael, Bradly, and Jeremy for sharing their favorite Final Fantasy tracks and memories!

We Want Your Final Fantasy Music Memories!


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call releases in North America in just over a week (September 16th)! As huge fans of the original 3DS game and Final Fantasy music in general, we wanted to have a celebratory podcast prior to the release of the game.

The plan is to talk about everything from general FF music memories to Curtain Call’s new additions. And we want your input as well! What does Final Fantasy music mean to you? What is your favorite FF soundtrack overall? What track “gets you” every time? What new game addition to Curtain Call are you most excited to play songs from (check out the track list here)? What did you dig about the original Theatrhythm? (You don’t need to answer all the questions; these are just some of the topics we’re going to discuss on the episode).

We’d love to read your thoughts on the show and play some of your choice tracks as well!

You can email us at Nintendofunclubpodcast@gmail.com, post in the comments below, or Tweet at me (@brawndwarf)!

We’re going to try to record next Friday (September 12), so please get your thoughts to us by Thursday, kupo!


Wii Core – The Best Niche and Hardcore Games on the Wii

This content originally appeared in issue #3 of the Nintendo Fun Factor zine. The issue is available as a free download here; check it out!


Nintendo’s Wii console, released in late 2006, proved to be an enormous success for the
company, outselling its competition and becoming one of the most popular video game systems of all time. However, many of the console’s critics appear to believe the Wii achieved commercial success by ignoring the tried and true fans of hardcore games who stuck by the company through its less prosperous N64 and GameCube eras. They argue the company instead focused on a “blue ocean” strategy and casual gamers, meaning more experienced gamers looking for traditional, niche, or core titles were left behind by Nintendo.

However, we here at Fun Factor disagree with this assessment. Not only did Nintendo cater to fans of their “core” (…ugh) franchises with games in the Mario, Metroid, Fire Emblem, and Zelda franchises, third parties stepped up and released many high quality mid-budget titles in “dead” genres. So please, join us in celebrating what we consider to be the best niche(ish) titles to grace the platform over its six plus years on the market.


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