Episode 168 – Summer Switch Jams

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Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition, Gunbird 2, Ikaruga, Lumines Remastered, De Blob, Fortnite, Harvest Moon, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Money Puzzle Exchanger, Wolfenstein 2


The Interrupters – Got Each Other

Culture Abuse – Bay Dream

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Fortnite Switch gameplay and an NFC update

Hey whoa, Fortnite is out on Switch and… I’m kinda into it??

Here’s some gameplay I recorded:

Also, the podcast isn’t dead or on hiatus or w/e. It’s just been a crazy exhausting past few weeks for me at work, we’ve been covering Solo a bunch on our Star Wars podcast, and tbh video games haven’t really been a priority. Sorry, man. But don’t worry! We’ll be back, in podcast form, next week with bunches of takes on Nintendo’s E3.

See you in the Dusty Divot,