Thoughts – Sega 3D Fukkoku Archives


While I’ve written about many Sega 3D Classics individually, here I’m just looking at the first retail collection of the series. Sega 3D Classics are simply the best versions of classic Sega titles, with stunning 3D effects and a plethora of options for both hardcore retro enthusiasts and those playing the games for the first time.

This collection includes Space Harrier, Fantasy Zone Opa-Opa Bros. (the first game in the series), OutRun, Bare Knuckle (Streets of Rage), The Super Shinobi II (Shinobi III), Ecco the Dolphin, and two more games I’ll get to in a moment. Since these 3D classics have been out for a while (in Japan at least- we’re still waiting on OutRun and Fantasy Zone here), and I’ve talked them to death on this podcast, I’m just going to focus on the package itself. Starting with the actual package. Continue reading