Episode 138 – Super Banana Blitzkrieg Bop 2

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John, Kevin, and Ryan celebrate 5 years of the Nintendo Fun Club Podcast by talking about Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2 on the GameCube!


The Misfits – We Are 138

Paramore – Hard Times

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Episode video:

Super Monkey Ball gameplay w/ commentary:

Super Monkey Ball 2 gameplay w/ commentary:

Talking GameCube imports with Captain Spike


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In this episode, Captain Spike from Game Buoy and Same Type Attack Bonus joins me to talk Japanese and European GameCube imports!

Games: Doshin the Giant, Nintendo Puzzle Collection, Rave Master / Groove Adventure Rave, DreamMix TV World Fighters, Hudson Selection: Bonk’s Adventure, Mr. Driller: Drill Land, Donkey Konga 1, 2, and 3


The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD – Outset Island (Koji Kondo, Kenta Nagata, Hajime Wakai, Asuka Hayazaki, Atsuko Asahi)

The Bronx – Youth Wasted

Episode 100 – The SPAWNCAST


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Games: Spawn (GBC), Spawn (SNES), Spawn: Armageddon (GCN)


Filter & The Crystal Method – (Can’t You) Trip Like I Do

Atari Teenage Riot & Slayer – No Remorse (I Wanna Die)

Marilyn Manson & The Sneaker Pimps – Long Hard Road Out of Hell

All music from Spawn: The Album

Episode 87 – Shenmue Bones

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SEGA’s 3D Classics Return this Summer with SEGA Genesis Games for Nintendo 3DS

Games: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, 3D Fantasy Zone II W, Etrian Mystery Dungeon, Star Fox Adventures,Theatrhythm Dragon Quest


きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ – つけまつける

Bare Knuckle 2 – In the Bar

**Reyn Time Baby**

Dragon Quest Solo Guitar Collections – Town (DQ IV)

Blink 182 – Feeling This

CLANNAD Official English Release Kickstarter

Phantasy Life: a guide to the Phantasy Star games on Nintendo systems


With its inspired space setting, rich history, and distinctive aesthetic, Phantasy Star may be my favorite RPG series of all time. One may not associate Sega’s flagship RPG with Nintendo hardware, but the Wii, DS, Game Boy Advance, and GameCube are actually home to some of the best games in the franchise- many of which still hold up today! Let’s have a look. Continue reading

Thoughts – Virtua Striker 2002


Originally Released: 2002

Version Played: GameCube

The Virtua Striker series, as with most games with “Virtua” in the title, got its start in arcades. Developed by legendary studio Amusement Vision (Super Monkey Ball, F-Zero GX, Planet Harriers), Virtua Striker 2002 (based on the arcade game Virtua Striker 3) combines fast and fluid pick-up-and-play controls with unrelenting and challenging AI. Continue reading

The Gleam of the GameCube: A Promising Beginning to the End of the Nintendo We Knew


By Kevin

Nintendo’s WiiU has been out for almost a year, and the system is finally starting to see a steady stream of quality releases.  Games like Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, The Wonderful 101, and Wind Waker HD have quickly given new life to the console, while games like Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Wii Fit U, and Wii Sports Club, and Bayonetta 2 have begun crowding many gamers’ wish lists. Although there is now much more software on the console than I have time to play—I still want to catch up on Pikmin 3, Lego City Stories, Mutant Mudds Deluxe, Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s Party, Resident Evil: Revelations, and a few more—the WiiU’s first year has been undeniably spotty in terms of releases.  While the launch delivered over thirty titles, the subsequent months were plagued by delays and cancellations, giving WiiU owners much cause for concern.  With two new consoles having, in my opinion, lackluster launch windows on the horizon—the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 both release in November with not much that interests me—I can’t help but wonder if sparse launch windows might merely be an inescapable reality for early-adopters of modern game machines. This was certainly the case for not only the WiiU but also the DS and the 3DS, whose launches were a far cry from both the well-roundedness of the Wii launch and the essential Mario experiences found at the NES, SNES, and N64 launches.  Considering all of the Nintendo launches, however, I have come to the realization that the GameCube boasted my favorite launch overall, which comes as a surprise, even to me.  While recognizing that GameCube provided one of Nintendo’s most difficult eras with retail success, I feel that system offered a rare launch, full of several high quality games that proved more than the barely passable distractions that populate most console launches.

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