Episode 100 – The SPAWNCAST


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Games: Spawn (GBC), Spawn (SNES), Spawn: Armageddon (GCN)


Filter & The Crystal Method – (Can’t You) Trip Like I Do

Atari Teenage Riot & Slayer – No Remorse (I Wanna Die)

Marilyn Manson & The Sneaker Pimps – Long Hard Road Out of Hell

All music from Spawn: The Album

Thoughts – Crystalis (Game Boy Color)

crystalisReleased: June, 2000

Developed by Nintendo Software Technology / Published by Nintendo

Crystalis on Game Boy Color is an odd release- one that begs many questions. Why did NST (Nintendo’s North American development branch) remake an obscure NES game released in 1990 on the Game Boy Color in 2000? Why didn’t original developer SNK bring the game to their own RPG-starved handheld (which was still active at the time), the Neo Geo Pocket Color? Why was this version never released in Japan? But the biggest question to me is: why did NST make the changes they did? Continue reading