Phantasy Life: a guide to the Phantasy Star games on Nintendo systems


With its inspired space setting, rich history, and distinctive aesthetic, Phantasy Star may be my favorite RPG series of all time. One may not associate Sega’s flagship RPG with Nintendo hardware, but the Wii, DS, Game Boy Advance, and GameCube are actually home to some of the best games in the franchise- many of which still hold up today! Let’s have a look. Continue reading

Nintendo Fun Club Podcast’s Halloween 2014 Game is Castlevania II!


Last Halloween we talked (for over two-and-a-half hours!) about the Resident Evil series. This year, we’re going to scale it back a bit and just talk about one game- Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest. But there’s a lot to say about it! Not just a “weird NES sequel,” Castlevania II is controversial, atmospheric, obtuse, ambitious, and influential- definitely a game deserving of its own episode.

As always, we’d love your thoughts about the game to read and discuss on the show!

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We’re recording the episode a week before Halloween, so please have your thoughts in by October 24th, 8 PM CST!