Our Favorite Gaming Podcasts of 2013

We love podcasts. Like, a ton. It’s why we started The Nintendo Fun Club Podcast in the first place. We thought we’d take a moment here to celebrate the shows that kept us smiling during our commutes / housework / lunch breaks in 2013. These are the shows that cover the games we care about, with little or none of the hyperbole, gleeful cynicism, armchair analyzing, posturing, or “AAA game” focus present in other gaming podcasts (I mean, it’s OK if podcasts want to do that stuff, it’s just not what we’re into these days). Anyway, the shows here are not in any particular order, but everything here comes with the Official Nintendo Fun Club Podcast Seal of Quality. Basically, if you like our podcast, you’ll love these, because they’re way better 🙂 Continue reading