Talking GameCube imports with Captain Spike


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In this episode, Captain Spike from Game Buoy and Same Type Attack Bonus joins me to talk Japanese and European GameCube imports!

Games: Doshin the Giant, Nintendo Puzzle Collection, Rave Master / Groove Adventure Rave, DreamMix TV World Fighters, Hudson Selection: Bonk’s Adventure, Mr. Driller: Drill Land, Donkey Konga 1, 2, and 3


The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD – Outset Island (Koji Kondo, Kenta Nagata, Hajime Wakai, Asuka Hayazaki, Atsuko Asahi)

The Bronx – Youth Wasted

Rad Sega themes on the Japanese 3DS eshop!


Outside of amiibo, themes are my biggest Nintendo vice these days. Between my North American and Japanese 3DSs, I have about a dozen of ’em. I swore I was out of the theme game, but then Nintendo and Sega had to pull their greatest collaboration since Bayonetta 2: retro Sega themes. There are two on the eshop, for 200 yen each. Needless to say, I purchased both (and took some pictures to share)!

Theme 1: Hi-Tech Sega

This theme is based on Sega’s legendary Astro City arcade cabinet design. The music is awesome arcade ambiance!

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Some Non-Leaked Screens of Smash Bros. for 3DS


Whoa, random! The Smash Bros. for 3DS demo just appeared on the Japanese eshop this evening. As soon as I read @iamnotagoomba‘s Tweet, I was all over it! I’ve played a few rounds and oh! It’s so good! There are five characters playable (Mario, Link, Pikachu, Mega Man, and Villager) and one stage in the demo (as far as I can tell). You can play single player and set the CPU difficulty or play local multiplayer if you happen to have someone with a Japanese 3DS and the demo nearby. Anyway, here are some phone pics I took poking around in the interface! Enjoy!


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Japanese Nintendo eShop Point Cards

I recently bought a Japanese 3DS and man, that eShop is good. From Sega 3D Classics such as OutRun and Fantasy Zone to Virtual Console releases like Trip World and Joy Mecha Fight, there is a ton of great stuff there that just isn’t available on the North American eShop.

Although you can apparently use foreign credit cards on the Japanese eShop, the actual Japanese point cards are way more fun. Here are some that I’ve bought:

Kirby Fighters Z game download code (810 yen):

photo 2 (7) photo 3 (6)

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Our Favorite Gaming Podcasts of 2013

We love podcasts. Like, a ton. It’s why we started The Nintendo Fun Club Podcast in the first place. We thought we’d take a moment here to celebrate the shows that kept us smiling during our commutes / housework / lunch breaks in 2013. These are the shows that cover the games we care about, with little or none of the hyperbole, gleeful cynicism, armchair analyzing, posturing, or “AAA game” focus present in other gaming podcasts (I mean, it’s OK if podcasts want to do that stuff, it’s just not what we’re into these days). Anyway, the shows here are not in any particular order, but everything here comes with the Official Nintendo Fun Club Podcast Seal of Quality. Basically, if you like our podcast, you’ll love these, because they’re way better 🙂 Continue reading