Episode 132 – Ports Will Find a Way

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Disney Afternoon Collection announced, not coming to Switch

GoNintendo Talking Points – Why is The Disney Afternoon Collection skipping Nintendo platforms?

Want Disney Afternoon Collection on Switch? Let Capcom know!

Neo Geo games have been patched on Switch!

Factor 5 rises from the ashes, reacquires Turrican license, gives insight into Switch development

Taiko no Tatsujin × Splatoon

Sonic News: Mania Delayed, Project Named

A Longer Look At Modern Sonic

Sonic Forces crowd reaction

Games: Blaster Master Zero, 1 2 Switch, Neo Geo Arcade Archives, Breath of the Wild, Voez, Little Inferno


The Bouncing Souls – We Love Fun (unofficial Nintendo Fun Club theme song)

The Menzingers – Your Wild Years

Music as a Discoverable Reward in Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has proven to be a game so dense that it is many different things to different people. For many of us, BotW is a game about exploration and discovery. The game encourages exploration by doling out tiny, yet satisfying, rewards for every discovery. From Korok Seeds to shrines to materials, BotW offers plenty of incentive to venture off the beaten path.

As I continue to put hours upon hours into the game, I’m finding one of my favorite discoveries in BotW is music. Led by Animal Crossing composer Manaka Kataoka, the soundtrack here is excellent. From jazzy combat tunes to the almost Twin Peaks-esque piano piece that plays as you scale a tower, the OST is as unconventional (and high quality) as the game itself.

The music also fits with the sprawling landscape of the game’s world, as it’s used sparingly, only surfacing at specific moments. For me, finding a new place or triggering an event that has a music cue attached to it, even if it’s just a jingle, is just as exciting as discovering any riches tucked within the land of Hyrule.

As a huge fan of video game music, I will definitely be acquiring the BotW soundtrack at some point. But as for right now, I’m avoiding listening to any music from it outside of the game. At this juncture, hopping onto to YouTube and hearing a tune I hadn’t discovered yet in the game would be, for me, as big of a spoiler as <REDACTED>.

Our Favorite Against Me! Songs

UPDATE: Laura got a Switch!


It’s no secret that we here at NFC are huge fans of Laura Jane Grace and her band, Against Me! We even named their record Transgender Dysphoria Blues our album of the year when we did that end-of-year music episode that nobody liked.

So naturally, this tweet by Laura today piqued our interest: Continue reading

Episode 130 – Video Killed the Podcast Failures



We tried doing a video recording through Google Hangouts and

  1. The audio isn’t great
  2. The video is kinda iffy too

Buuuuuuut it was a lot of fun to do and we’re going to work on improving this stuff!

So here’s the video:

And here’s the audio:

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Anyway, in this episode we talk about our respective Switch launches, hardware impressions, and the games we’ve been playing on it. Fun stuff, despite the technical issues!


The Bouncing Souls – We Love Fun (unofficial Nintendo Fun Club theme song)

Weston – No Kind of Superstar

Something to Try if the Left Joy-Con on your Switch is Having Connection Issues


While I have been pretty fortunate with my Switch, Lindsey’s left Joy-Con suffered the dreaded “desync” issue today. After trying everything from pairing the controllers to putting the Switch into sleep mode and back in the dock to a hard reboot, the solution ended up being a mere button press away. Not a button press on the controller mind you, but the sync button on the actual Joy-Con. Taking the controller off, holding the button, then sliding the Con back on the tablet seemed to do the trick for us. Hopefully Nintendo provides a fix for the issue soon!

Episode 129 – Oh, U


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In this episode John and Ryan say goodbye to the Wii U with some of our favorite memories and games, but first plan our shopping carts for Switch launch day!


Nintendo reveals Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC – new story, hard mode, more

TowerFall creator announces Celeste for Switch

No VC, but Shovel Knight and Fast RMX at launch

Switch Joy-Con desyncing issue examined/

Japan Launch Day Software Lineup Confirmed (NeoGeo, Blaster Master, Puyo Puyo Tetris, more!)


No Use for a Name – Hybrid Moments (Misfits cover) (*NEW* Unofficial Nintendo Fun Club Theme Song (through the Switch launch))

Fall Out Boy – Miss Missing You