A Look at Some Japanese Game Boy Pokemon Packaging

Still figuring out all this video business! Screw-ups this time around: mirrored image, so everything is backwards; low quality video- should have used actual recording software rather than stream with Google Hangouts. I’ll keep at it!

Ryan takes a look at the Japanese packaging for Pokemon Green, Red, Trading Card Game, Pinball, and the boxed version of Pokemon Yellow for 3DS.

Wonderful late-90s Pokemon sites that are still up


You are the 00000014 person to view this page! Please check out the rest of the still functioning late-90s Pokemon sites webring:

The Pokemon Gym – This Tripod-hosted site contains summaries of the first 50 episodes of the anime

Team Rocket – Another Poke-gym site, this page is ~all about~ Team Rocket

1997 CNN report on Pokemon – Yup, it’s about “the incident”

Pikachu of Pokemon ATE MY BALLS! – If you were an immature dork on the internet in 1999 (like me), you know about the “Ate My Balls” webring. Maybe this is what the kids call “dank memes” these days.

Mike’s “The Ultimate Pokemon Page” – Hints, tips, and lists!

OK, I really wanted to keep clicking down this rabbit hole, but there was a whole lot of this message popping up:


I wish I could see what sites are still alive in the Pokemon Addicts Webring, but alas,


Well said.

Episode 113 – Having a Blast


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NES Classic Edition announced

Playing With Power NES Book (Official)


Detective Pikachu Live Action Movie In Development

New Sonic for NX


New Adventure Island, Metroid Prime Blast Ball, Pokemon Go


The Bouncing Souls – We Love Fun (unofficial Nintendo Fun Club theme song)

Alkaline Trio – Private Eye

Episode 68 – Leave Luck to Heaven


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Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct

Sega Continues to Support 3DS

Pikachu Cafe!

Dan Adelman leaves Nintendo

My Trip to (the Sidewalk in Front of) Nintendo’s Headquarters in Kyoto


Shovel Knight, Gaist Crusher, 3D OutRun, 3D Fantasy Zone I & II, Afterburner 3D, Game & Wario

Pokemon Movie Exhibit and Pikachu Cafe in Roppongi Hills

The new Pokemon movie released this week in Japan, and it’s getting quite a bit of promotion. Maybe the best way it’s being celebrated is the Pokemon movie exhibit on the Tokyo City View floor of the Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills (52F). We went to the exhibit on Thursday, in the middle of a thunderstorm, and it was pretty surreal.

photo 4 (4)After taking the (surprisingly fast) elevator up to the 52nd floor, the celebration of Pokemon films began.


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