Episode 157 – …and Business Is Good!

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Nintendo Switch Is The Fastest Selling Console In US History With 4.8 Million Units Sold

Mercenaries Saga Chronicles coming to Switch

Retro-Bit releasing R-Type Returns to SNES, Holy Diver to NES

HOWEVER, be careful about buying modern cartridges!

Games we’ve been playing:

VS. Super Mario Bros., Sonic Forces, Blossom Tales, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Style Savvy Styling Star, Goldeneye, Mario Party


The Menzingers – Tellin’ Lies

Soyo Oka (Super Mario Kart) – Koopa Wins

The Menzingers – After the Party

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Episode 132 – Ports Will Find a Way

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Disney Afternoon Collection announced, not coming to Switch

GoNintendo Talking Points – Why is The Disney Afternoon Collection skipping Nintendo platforms?

Want Disney Afternoon Collection on Switch? Let Capcom know!

Neo Geo games have been patched on Switch!

Factor 5 rises from the ashes, reacquires Turrican license, gives insight into Switch development

Taiko no Tatsujin × Splatoon

Sonic News: Mania Delayed, Project Named

A Longer Look At Modern Sonic

Sonic Forces crowd reaction

Games: Blaster Master Zero, 1 2 Switch, Neo Geo Arcade Archives, Breath of the Wild, Voez, Little Inferno


The Bouncing Souls – We Love Fun (unofficial Nintendo Fun Club theme song)

The Menzingers – Your Wild Years