Skate or Die!

This content originally appeared in issue #1 of the Nintendo Fun Factor zine, as part of a feature on Rad NES Games. The issue is available as a free download here; check it out!


(Developer: Electronic Arts/Konami, Publisher: Ultra Games, Released: 1988)

The popularity of both skateboarding and the NES peaked in late 1980’s America, andsod
Electronic Arts and Konami were there to capitalize on those cultural phonomena with Skate or Die. Originally developed by Electronic Arts for a handful of home platforms (including DOS, Apple II, and Commodore 64), the game was ported to the NES by Konami shortly thereafter. Its subject matter and iconic and antagonistic title ensured that every kid in America was ready to take on the challenge of competing in some of California’s most treacherous streets, pools, and vert ramps.

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