Nintendo Fun Club Podcast – Goodbye, Mr. Iwata


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My visit to Nintendo World

Satoru Iwata’s 10 Greatest Accomplishments (Jeremy Parish – US Gamer)

Iwata’s work on Pokemon

The game industry and others react to Mr. Iwata’s passing

Chip Tanaka – Dedicated to Satoru Iwata

Shigesato Itoi’s farewell message to Satoru Iwata

Iwata Asks interview series


Balloon Fight, Kirby’s Dream Land, Kirby’s Adventure, Kirby’s Dream Course, EarthBound, NES Open Tournament Golf


Keiichi Suzuki – Because I Love You (EarthBound)

Thoughts – SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1


Originally Released: 2008

Version Played: Wii

On the most recent episode of the podcast, I extolled the virtues of Neo Geo games on the Wii Virtual Console, while coming off as a bit dismissive of the SNK compilations released on the Wii, which I had never played. See, as a long-time Sega fan, I’ve been burned by poor emulation, lengthy load times, and ugly visual filters in these “too good to be true” value-packed comps. After spending a dozen or so hours with the 16 games on SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1, I’m happy to report that my worries were unfounded- this is a fantastic package. Continue reading

Must-Play Neo Geo Games on the Wii Virtual Console

This content originally appeared in issue #2 of the Nintendo Fun Factor zine. The issue is available as a free .PDF download here; check it out!


Now you’re playing with…g power

As the Wii Virtual Console entered its twilight, there was one company still releasing games for it: SNK. Over the past few years, the Wii has (somewhat strangely) become the best place to play Neo Geo games. The consensus from the notoriously-hard-to-please Neo Geo fandom over on sites like is that the emulation in these releases is close to, if not 100%, perfect. The games may be a bit on the pricey side (though nothing compared to the original cart prices), but they don’t have the awful load times that plague some of the disc-based collections.

SNK and publisher D4 Enterprise have built up a respectable library of Neo Geo titles on the Virtual Console. Here are some of the must-plays: Continue reading

Wii Core – The Best Niche and Hardcore Games on the Wii

This content originally appeared in issue #3 of the Nintendo Fun Factor zine. The issue is available as a free download here; check it out!


Nintendo’s Wii console, released in late 2006, proved to be an enormous success for the
company, outselling its competition and becoming one of the most popular video game systems of all time. However, many of the console’s critics appear to believe the Wii achieved commercial success by ignoring the tried and true fans of hardcore games who stuck by the company through its less prosperous N64 and GameCube eras. They argue the company instead focused on a “blue ocean” strategy and casual gamers, meaning more experienced gamers looking for traditional, niche, or core titles were left behind by Nintendo.

However, we here at Fun Factor disagree with this assessment. Not only did Nintendo cater to fans of their “core” (…ugh) franchises with games in the Mario, Metroid, Fire Emblem, and Zelda franchises, third parties stepped up and released many high quality mid-budget titles in “dead” genres. So please, join us in celebrating what we consider to be the best niche(ish) titles to grace the platform over its six plus years on the market.


Continue reading

Slime Grind Radio Episode 1!


So I (Ryan) am on a new podcast called Slime Grind Radio! Started by Bradly Hale of Nintendojo / Hardcore Gamer awesomeness, it’s a podcast all about Dragon Quest (specifically X).

The plan is to discuss/speculate about DQX up until its (hopefully) inevitable English launch, and then talk about it WAY MORE once we’re actually playing it! 🙂

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! We also plan on discussing EVERY NUMBERED DQ GAME as we each do a replay of the series as well. No promises, but I don’t think anyone on the show would be opposed to replaying and discussing the spinoffs either.

The first episode is up on iTunes (or here if you think iTunes is icky) and the second is coming in a couple weeks or so. Episode 2 will include a section on DQ I (which I recently finished again and am SO STOKED to talk about!!) and we would welcome your thoughts/impressions/memories regarding the game to read on the show, so email us at!

While we’re on the subject, how about following us on Twitter as well??


How “200101” Became My Least Favorite Number This Holiday Season

FINAL EDIT: It’s been resolved

EDIT: 1/4/13 and 1/8/13 updates at the bottom

This is (hopefully) the least fun thing I will ever write on this blog; I just wanted to get my trials and tribulations with this process out there in order to 1) maybe help anyone else who is experiencing a similar issue and 2) relieve some of my own frustrations. – Ryan

I began the Wii to Wii U transfer process on December 27th. It’s now December 31st and I still don’t have my Wii saves and Virtual Console games on my Wii U system.

This is my story.

(Cue dramatic flashback music)

Last Thursday, I had a bit of free time so I began the transfer process, knowing that it would take roughly an hour or so. I formatted an SD card, downloaded the Transfer Tool onto the Wii and began. Everything went smoothly until I arrived at the step where I put the SD card with the Wii U data into the Wii. The system connected to the internet, read the data, began to connect to the internet again, and then bam:


Error Code: 200101, which would soon become my eternal nemesis. First thing I did, was naturally, “Try Again.” No luck, so I waited a few minutes and tried again. Same error. I power cycled my Wii, modem, router, and tried again. Same error. It was time for a Google search.

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